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White with Black Lines Basket

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Product Details
This beautiful bag is made using a sisal structure and recycled plastic. Kenya banned the use of one time use plastic bags in 2017. The rope used in these bags is woven plastic. They are super tough and easy to clean too. They will last a lifetime.
The natural colour of sisal is off white and the plastic bags are dyed accordingly
The trimmings and handles are leather which adds elegance and durability to each basket.
Since they are handmade you are not likely to get another one like it.
Women in rural Kenya to supplement their family income weave these adorable baskets. They are sourced at fair trade prices. A basket this size will take about 2 weeks to weave.

Enhance your lifestyle with this basket that can be used for storage and décor
-In your living room by the fireplace, put in your blankets
-Knitting holder
-Beach bag
-Knickknack bin at home

-Spot clean
-Remove dents by moistening lightly and reshaping as needed


Length and diameter varies between 12 to 12.5inches

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