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Zebra Style Beige And Off White Basket

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These beautiful baskets are handwoven in Kenya using sisal fibre. They are hand dyed. The trimmings and handles are leather which adds elegance and durability to each piece. They are all as  unique as you.



Enhance your lifestyle with this basket that can be used for storage and decor

~in your living room by the fireplace, put in your blankets or your knitting

~beach bag 


~knickknack bin at home



Look out for handle varieties from short clasp, shoulder hung to long extendable crossbody. 

Traditionally the handles are leather. But look out for sisal handles made from same fibre as the basket as well as rubber handles. Giving you choice. 



~Spot clean 

~remove dents by moistening lightly and reshaping as needed



length and diameter varies between 11.5 to 12.5inches


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