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Handmade Coasters

Kenyans like to drink tea and coffee both grown in the country. In order to protect your table from liquid damage you can use a coaster made from dry banana leaves.  These coasters promote the wildlife found in Kenya with an animal face carefully added to each of them.

Handmade Necklace Scarves

Scarves are a fashion statement that can take on many forms. From the traditional scarf to keep you warm to an ornamental addition to your clothing items.  These cotton beaded scarves have been  handcrafted with beads to make them both different and beautiful.  They come in many colors.  

Handmade Salad spoons

That beauty is not perfect, it's authentic is characterised by these servers.  No pair of these handmade wooden salad spoons will be similar, each having been crafted individually.  

They are handmade using Wild Olive wood in rural Kenya.

Handwash and dry them.  To retain colour and luster apply food grade mineral oil on each at least once a month.

Handmade Flamingos

Kenya enjoys a great deal of natural touristy resources.  There is the Great Rift Valley that is home to many lakes.  Lake Nakuru is one of these lakes and it is home to thousands of pink flamingos.

Artisans have been inspired by this beautiful bird to create handmade sisal flamingos that work very well as ornaments around your desk and home.

Handmade Figurines

Boostani endeavors to keep its wares spicy by including seasonal items or small souvenir items to the collection.  There are handmade angel figurines. 


Handmade Keychains

Key chains handmade from wood or bone and decorated with beads. These keychains easily become a favourite for giving as gifts.

We offer various handmade products each unique to you and we're more than pleased to answer any questions that you may have,