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The Handmade Products

Products purchased from Boostani are handmade from biodegradable environmental friendly materials such as banana fibres, jute and sisal each contributing to reducing environmental waste.



Handmade baskets

These handmade baskets or Kiondos are about environmental consciousness, they are made from sisal, a succulent plant, leather and wool (all elements of the earth) and reusable for many years. 


In the western world these are your tote bag or beach bags.

The Kenyan handmade Basket aka Kiondo embodies more than just a means to carry goods. Kiondo is an authentic shared name in Kenya.  Among the Kamba tribe where Lois comes from, it represents a sense of community and sharing.  Every woman carries a handmade basket to social gatherings to bring items or gifts to share,   the kiondo is then returned to the bearer with a reciprocating gift.

How the Sisal plant looks like in its natural habitat where the baskets are handmade.

Clutter to order

The kiondo is an attactive versatile organizational tool! It will make an attractive piece of decor in your home. It can be used at the market place or for home storage as well.  Each is a unique piece showcasing an individual colour, design, size and personality.  From the huge 14-16 inch basket to the miniature 4-6 inch ones the uses and ideas are limitless.


The jute fashion handbags are too attractive to ignore.  Every woman needs to show her unique tasteful individuality and express her beauty with these signature handbags.  They are light yet hardy. To keep things organized these handbags that double up as beach bags, have linings and a divider pocket. Zippers ensure that your things will be secure.