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Getting Acquinted

The Prenuer

Boostani, translates from the Swahili language (bustani) to ‘garden’. 

           A garden is a place where life is nurtured.

Lois believes that beauty is represented in diverse forms and handmade items capture this beauty at its peak.

Boostani offers a variety of handmade products each unique to the customer.

          From colorful beaded key chains to beaded scarves to individualistic tote beach handbags and baskets, they add a modern yet African image to your household or wardrobe. 

Boostani's handmade goods offer more than just a unique addition to your home, through your purchase, a cause is supported, one held dearly in Lois' heart.

The Roots

Born in the rural town, Kitui, Lois, is named after her paternal grandmother

following the area's tribal tradition.

Her grandmother, widowed at a young age, struggled to raise her six children as a single parent.

Her source of income was found through the local women's talent and skill, weaving basketry among other things and selling at markets.  Fair trade at its best.

In her own right, Loise was an entrepreneur, who gathered the materials needed, crafted her own designs, and bargained with prospective buyers at markets.


Inspired by watching her grandmother weave baskets to create a source of income, Boostani was birthed.

Support a community

Behind the Scenes

Boostani reaches beyond a typical business transaction between seller and customer, reaching deeper into supporting a community and way of life for rural Kenyan women and their families.  Fair trade prices and practices are used all the way.

Nature's wealth is cultivated by gifted artisans to bring you beauty as unique as you.

A lot goes into making a basket from weaving it to shaving it off to make a smoother appearance